Language Enrichment Course I

Grading for this Course:
60%    Quizzes, Homework, and Classwork
40%    Tests and Projects
Late work will only be accepted for an excused abscence!
Do your best work EVERY DAY!  You are building your future.
This course is created to help all English Language Learners develop the basic communication skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in English.
This class will focus on Phonics (sounds) of English and developing each student's Reading Fluency.
Each week I will post the Fluency practice file for students to access from home in order to practice.  You must practice EVERYDAY for your pronunciation and speed to improve.  Focus on pronunciation FIRST, then work on how FAST you can read the words.  We will have weekly Fluency Evaluations to check your growth.
How many words can you correctly read and pronounce in 1 MINUTE?