Class Rules

                             teacher holding apple

Classroom Rules 

  1. Be Safe
  2. Be Responsible
  3. Be Respectful
  4. Follow Instructions
  5. Always Do Your Best!

The behavior color and consequences are as follows:

    • Green- Great! No points deducted! :)
    • Yellow- Minutes from recess and 1 conduct point off
    • Blue- Minutes from recess and 2 conduct points off
    • Orange- No recess and 3 conduct points off
    • Red- Referral and 5 conduct points off  

For positive behavior your child may receive:

  • Verbal praise
  • Stickers and/or stamps
  • Small prizes (Pencils, Erasers, etc.)
  • Students with an average of 95% or above in conduct for EVERY six weeks will receive “The Citizenship Award” at the end of the school year.

Every six weeks your child will be given a conduct grade based upon a 100 point system correlating with the rules and consequences expected throughout the school year.  Please help to encourage your child to make good choices each day and help him/her to reflect upon his/her choices.