Different ways to practice the weekly Spelling words:

1.     Word collage - They design a collage using all of their words using markers, colored pencils etc.

2.    Painting - Paint their words.

3.    Round About Flash cards- Have students decorate a paper plate. Cut a slice out of the paper plate so it looks like a slice of pie cut out of the plate. Brad around piece of paper to the back. Then write the weekly spelling words in the window. The students turn the wheel and practice saying the word.

4.    Rainbow Words- Have the students practice words with felt pens, alternate colors for a rainbow look.

5.    Pyramid Power- Give your students a weekly spelling assignment with a different twist. Have students write their words in order of difficulty. They write their easiest word once at the top of the paper near the middle, the next easiest twice, and so on. Students will have a pyramid shape when they are finished.

6.    Typewriter Fun- Have the students write their spelling words ten times each on the typewriter. (Or try it on your classroom computer. If you're brave you can use your graphics software! Kid Pix is perfect for this.)

7.     Alphabet Stamps

8.    Write a paragraph using the words

9.    Invent a word search

10. Make up a code for letters or the words

11.   Write the meaning of each word

12.  Make flash cards

13.  Write tongue twisters with the words

14. Draw a picture and "hide" your words in the picture

15. Write words in a three-word sentence

16. Write words in a SUPER sentence-5 or more spelling words in one sentence

17.  Write a song with your words

18.  Use calligraphy or a colorful way to write the words

19.  Make your words into puzzles