Grading Policy

General P.E. Grade:  The student will be given a final grade based on teacher observation in the following areas:  motor skills/fitness, participation/effort/attitude, social skills/sportsmanship.  A six weeks period will consist of a minimum of four grades that will be equally averaged into a final grade for each grading period. 

  • The student displays an understanding for the importance of fitness.
  • The student possesses a high level of fitness and strives to maintain it.
  • A high level of kinesthetic skill may be evident.
  • The student desires to be present daily, always tries his/her best, and has a positive attitude.
  • This student is an eager learner.

Social Skills/Sportsmanship

  • The student is courteous and cooperative.
  • The student strives to follow the rules, such as class rules or the rules of a game.
  • The student shows a mature respect for opponents, coaches, and referees, maintaining a high level of sportsmanship.


  • The student recognizes the importance of fitness.
  • This student is not a perfect model of fitness, but is applying himself/herself to attain a higher level of fitness.


  • The student is usually eager to participate, rarely looking for a reason not to play.
  • The student shows an adequate level of effort.
  • His/her attitude is usually good.

Social Skills/Sportsmanship

  • The student is usually well behaved and respectful. 
  • There may be an occasional display of inappropriate behavior, such as arguing, name-calling, and pushing.
  • The student may need additional help with sports etiquette.


  • The student displays a minimal understanding of the importance of fitness, or concern for improving his/her low level of fitness.
  • Age appropriate kinesthetic skills are not evident, with little or no effort applied to improvement.


  • The student would prefer not to participate, often producing excuses not to play.
  • His/her effort is minimal with most activities.
  • The student's attitude is obviously poor, as evidenced by speech and/or actions.
Social Skills/Sportsmanship
  • The student is regularly discourteous and uncooperative with peers and teachers.
  • This student appears unable or unwilling to take responsibility for his/her actions.
  • He/she lacks respect for others in game situations, winning or losing, displaying a low level of sportsmanship.


  • The student's actions are unacceptable in all of the above areas.