Reporting Period Concepts

Spelling: Unit 1: Long a, Long e - Long Vowels, Unit 2: Long i and Long, Unit 3: Words with /ōō/, /yōō/, Unit 4: Vowel Sound: /ô/, Unit 5: Short Vowels

* (Omit Units 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, & 36)

Grammar: Week 1: Sentences, Week 2: Subjects/Predicates, Week 3: Sentence Combining, Week 4: Sentence Combining/Complex Sentences, Week 5: Run-on-Sentences, Week 6: Common/Proper Nouns

Reading: Elements of Fiction, Author's Purpose, Personal Narrative, Edit Using English Conventions

Composition: Journal Writing

*(Prompts will be written on the board. Students must write 10 or more sentences.
At midyear, they will need to make sure they are writing more than 15 sentences.)

Handwriting: Daily Handwriting Practice Week 1-6

Math: Place Value

Social Studies: Geographic tools, American Revolution, French and Indian War, Mayflower Compact, Virginia House of Burgesses, Early Americans

Science: Safety Procedures, Scientific tools, Experimental investigations, Analysis and interpretations, Simple maps, graphs, tables, and charts, History of Science, and Science Careers