Check Out Policy


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Check Out Policies 
Reading is greatly encouraged and promoted at our school. Certain rules are stressed when checking out books from the library. These policies will assist in instilling good habits and responsibilities that will last a lifetime.
1.  All Martinez students, staff and parents have access to the library and its resources.
2. Books are loaned for a period of two weeks, and may be renewed for additional two-week periods.
3. Kinder students are allowed to check out one book to be kept in their classroom upon the teacher's request.  Kinder parents are encouraged to create a parent account and check out books for their students.
4. First - third grade students may check out two books and may take them home after responsibility for the books is shown, based on teacher and librarian recommendation.
5. Students in 4th-6th grade may check out three books from the Accelerated Reader program.
6. Parent accounts are charged late fines at a rate of 5 cents a book for each school day past the due date.
7. Late fines will not exceed $2 per book.
8. Late, damaged, or missing books must be cleared before additional books can be checked out.
9. Payment for damaged or lost books must be cleared before receipt of student's report card and/or Accelerated Reader prizes.
 Thank You!  Together we can make our reading program a success!