Accelerated Reader Information


RD Martinez
RD Martinez Elementary

Accelerated Reader Program (AR)


The purpose of AR to help motivate students to read more books at an appropriate level of difficulty that will encourage and challenge their reading ability.

What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader is a computer base, reading management and motivational system designed to encourage students to read. Each student is given an individual reading goal based on their reading abilities. Student’s reading ability is based on their reading grade equivalent (GE) score from the STAR Reading test. The GE score is used to determine each student’s zone of proximal development (ZPD) range which is used to determine the level of book difficulty for the students.   

Goal Setting

Martinez Elementary uses both a 30-minute AR daily practice and the student’s ZPD to determine a student’s six-week point goal. Example, a student with a 2.5 ZPD would have a point goal of 5.5 points. This is determine by using an AR Goal-Setting Chart.
The following are some AR guidelines to keep in mind:
1. Take a test only when the book has been read.
2. Read and test on books that are my book level.
3. I must meet 100% of my AR Goal (85% average or higher, points and read on book level) to receive the AR Reward at the end of each reporting period and end of the year.

Students in grades 1st - 6th are encouraged to meet 100 points or more, 85% or higher average and read on book level to receive additional awards and rewards at the end of the year. 

Students in grades 1st- 6th are encouraged to become a Rattler Reader (read one million words or more) , 85% or higher average, and read on book level to receive additional awards and rewards at the end of the year. 

Cheating will not be tolerated.  If cheating occurs, the following consequences will be implemented (No books allowed when taking AR quizzes):

  • “Cheated” quizzes will be deleted from the child’s account
  • A referral will be given

Please sign up to AR Home Connect to monitor your child’s progress.  Steps to sign up are attached.