Parent Information

Information from the P.E. Department

The following is a short list of rules and expectations:
       1. If your child has a serious medical condition that we need to be aware of, notify the P.E. Dept. and the nurse's office immediately.  We will make adjustments so that their P.E. experience will be enjoyable.  Also, if your child has an injury or illness and cannot participate, please bring a doctor's/parent's excuse in accordance to district policy. 
      2.  Proper footwear is required.  This means tennis shoes only!  If they wear other shoes to school, they must still bring a pair of tennis shoes to change into for P.E.  If your child fails to bring proper footwear, students will receive a mark in the coach's discipline book for not being prepared. 
      3.  Children are always welcome to wear a hat to protect them from the sun.  They may also bring their own bottled water. 
      4.  If behavior is a problem, the student will receive a warning.  If inappropriate behavior persists, the student will receive a mark in the discipline book.  Students who receive a mark are sent home with a discipline slip which states the infraction and must be signed by a parent/guardian.  This slip must be returned to P.E. Every three weeks we have a reward day.  The students with marks by their names will spend their P.E. time walking for exercise. 
      5.  Students are given a grade each six weeks based on our district wide P.E. rubric.  Finally, parents are always welcome to visit, observe, help and even participate.  Thank you, from the R.D. Martinez P.E. staff.